Winter Intake Code Camp underway

Opportunity for student with exposure to diverse IT projects and work


January 9, 2022


Winter Intake Code Camp underway

KATHMANDU: InfoDevelopers, Nepal’s leading IT company, has begun a winter intake code camp.

The Winter Intake Code Camp, which was organized in collaboration with IME Group, Swift Technology, Midas Technology, and Rigo Technologies, began with an event at the Heritage Garden on Sunday (January 9). The program has more than 200 students enrolled.

The program was created to bridge the gap between academia and the IT industry. The code camp had received over 400 applications. More than 200 students will be chosen in the first phase to participate in the programming group of their choice and prepare the project.

Following that, one hundred contestants will be chosen to participate in a skill development program.

The organizers said that participants will be staying at the company for two months, from January 17 to March 17 this year to take part in the intake training program. The organizing companies will offer regular employment opportunities to the top 50 to 100 students starting from March 31, 2022.

The program was created as an important collaboration and responsibility between the IT industry and academics, according to Umesh Raghubanshi, chief executive officer of InfoDevelopers. He believes that this will also aid in the development of Nepal’s digital ecosystem.

Due to the recent shortage of skilled manpower in the IT industry, Binod Dhakal, former president of CAN Federation and president of Green IT Solutions, believes it is a good idea for IT companies to provide opportunities for skill development by organizing such programs.

The Winter Intake Code Camp was organized with the goal of identifying new talents and creating employment opportunities, according to Raghu Bhandari, CEO of Swift Technology, who spoke at the opening ceremony.

This program brings together students from over 40 colleges across Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur districts. The students said that being able to participate in this program, which was designed for students in the seventh and eighth semesters, was a significant achievement. Students who attend the camp will have the opportunity to learn more by demonstrating their abilities in the most widely used programming language and design in the IT industry.

Separate groups will cover Java, React, .Net, Angular, Laravel, Android and iOS app development, AI, database, UXUI design, and graphics design, Python, Flutter, PHP, and Business Analyst. The team leaders of each group are senior IT experts who work in the company.