Online media suffered hostility during election: FNJ Chair Pokhrel


December 8, 2022


Online media suffered hostility during election: FNJ Chair Pokhrel

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KATHMANDU: Chairman of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), Bipul Pokhrel, has said the online media faced more hostility than other media during recent election.

Nepali media is still facing intimidation, he added.

Speaking at an interaction on ‘online media and social media trend during the election’ organized on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Online Journalists’ Association here Thursday, Chairman Pokhrel argued that the information atmosphere dominated by Youtube has caused intimidation on professional media and online journalists. It is the new challenge, he added.

“Cyber attack is another latest trend Nepali media is facing at present. FNJ believes this challenge is fomented with the rise of independent candidates and Swatantra Party,” Pokhrel underscored.

On the occasion, FNJ General Secretary Roshan Puri said huge investment in online journalism but little payments to reporters would cost professional security of journalists.

Chairman of the Online Journalists’ Association, Dilli Prasad Sapkota, said time has come to dwell on how professional security to online journalists could be guaranteed.

Various sorts of disinformation spread online during the election were presented during the programme. Strategy should be formulated for secure future of online media.