Free medicine to self-reliant economy in fringe parties’ manifestos


November 8, 2022


Free medicine to self-reliant economy in fringe parties’ manifestos

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KATHMANDU: The political parties are still unveiling their manifestos for the November 20 election to the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies.

They have incorporated issues ranging from free medicine to a self-reliant economy in their manifestos.

The Maulik Jarokilo Party having Sushil Gautam as its Chairperson has pointed out the need for massive reform in the electoral system, provisioning directly elected executives.

It has the election symbol ‘computer.’ The party stated that it has expanded its organization in 47 districts, and fielded candidates for the coming election in 20 constituencies.

The time has come for the consolidation of democracy and protection of the constitution, the manifesto stated.

Similarly, Hamro Nepal Party is for finding root cause of problems in the country with rigorous research and technological assistance.

The election symbol of this party is ‘stick’ and its Chairperson Ananta Raj Ghimire.

It has fielded 65 candidacies for the House of Representatives and 101 for provincial assemblies.

Chairperson of Nepal Samabesi Party, Motilal Bharati, viewed the country needs a directly elected Prime Minister, cancellation of provinces and continuation of Sanatan Hindu religion.

With the election symbol ‘Parrot’, the party has fielded candidacies in 40 seats.

The Punarjagaran Party Nepal led by Shyam Babu Gautam claimed the constitution and governing system were not compatible.

Directly-elected President and the fully proportional electoral system are required for the country to ensure sustainable socialism and democracy, the party underscored.

It has ‘a candle’ as an election symbol. The party has filed candidacy for four members of the House of Representatives and 23 for provincial assemblies.

Also making public their manifestos are Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Socialist) and Rastriya Nagarik Party.