“Electoral alliance between RPP and CPN-UML likely”

Dhiraj Basnet

September 8, 2022


“Electoral alliance between RPP and CPN-UML likely”

KATHMANDU: With the parliamentary elections inching closer, political parties have intensified preparations for the November 20 big day.

Rajendra Lingden, Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), known as a pro-monarchist party, has resigned from the post of a lawmaker from the Huse of Representatives on “moral grounds”.

Reason: Lingden says he was dissatisfied and disappointed with the functioning of the Parliament even after the announcement of the elections.

In this context, Khabarhub approached Chairman Lingden to understand his party’s strategy in the upcoming elections at a time when his resignation made headlines.


Are you still stuck to your stance or changed your mind to come back to Parliament for the rest of the term?

Let me be very clear that I did not leave the House of Representatives to come back again for the rest of the term as you said.

I feel proud to say that the government felt pressure along with the ruling parties due to my resignation from the post of lawmaker.

The address I delivered on Sunday was the last for this term.

You indicated that RPP will have a respectable presence in the new parliament after the election. How do you justify your claim?

I have been reiterating that RPP will be established as a strong force after the November 20 elections.

The development works that we have carried out will determine it. RPP’s only objective is to liberate the people from the claws of a handful of political leaders who have held the people hostage for the past two decades.

You are going to the people with the agenda of restoration of the institution of monarchy and the Hindu state. Isn’t it a challenging as well as a daunting task?

RPP is not just a party. It’s an organization of people who have joined RPP from various other parties.

We have taken forward not only the agenda of monarchy and the Hindu state, we have a new agenda as well.

Let me be very clear to say that the institution of the monarchy will remain as a guardian. The country’s Prime Minister will have the executive power.

Moreover, we believe in a directly-elected Prime Minister, and that the parliamentarians should be elected through full proportional representation.

We have also suggested two levels of government by abolishing the provinces.

RPP is adamant about free education and health, and that youth should be given employment opportunities so that they would prefer to remain in the country.

Why should people vote for RPP, which has been demanding the reinstatement of the monarchy that has enslaved the people for years?

People will analyze how the political parties have worked in the last two decades.

In the name of democracy and republic, political parties are making arbitrary laws in the country, and providing opportunities to a handful of people close to them, and who work for their vested interest.

Foreign interference has increased of late. In the view of RPP, the institution of monarchy should remain as the people’s guardian.

How is RPP forging an electoral alliance with the CPN-UML?

The RPP was prepared to go face the elections alone. However, since other parties have forged an electoral alliance, there is a possibility of an electoral alliance between the RPP and the CPN-UML.

However, it has not taken a concrete shape as of now. It has not been decided how and where we can face the elections together.

Has Nepali Congress or the Maoist Center discussed forging an electoral alliance with RPP?

Yes, there have been some informal discussions among the second-tier leaders. However, no offer or proposal has come yet from the top leaders.

What about unity with Rabindra Mishra?

I have also heard rumors about Rabindra Mishra joining RPP. This is not happening anytime soon.

We are close and there can be prospects of working together. However, it should not be surprising if there is unity even before the election.

How many seats have RPP planned to win?

It has become imperative to advance the RPP to eliminate rampant corruption in the country.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the Nepali people will give their votes to RPP and establish the party as an alternative force.