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Vitamin deficiency might result in breathing difficulty

05 October 2022  

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KATHMANDU: Nepali society has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. However, vegetarians are deficient in vitamin B12 compared to non-vegetarians.

People who are deficient in vitamin B12 are also prone to many diseases.

Doctors say that there is a lack of vitamin B12 in the body due to a certain disease. Based on this issue, Khabarhub’s Bina Neupane approached Dr. Deepraj Yadav to talk on this issue.

Here are the excerpts of the talk:

What kind of problems will appear if there is a deficiency of vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is found in fish, meat, eggs, milk, and curd. It is a type of B group vitamin. It dissolves easily in water.

Those who eat meat and fish regularly, never suffer from its deficiency.

Some people have to wait for years to see the symptoms of vitamin deficiency. There is a lack of vitamin (B12) in the body, yet the symptoms are not visible.

The symptoms include lack of blood, fatigue, neuro problems, wheezing, swelling of the tongue, wounds, constipation, blurred vision in the elderly, and difficulty breathing due to nerve-related problems.

What kind of person does not have symptoms?

Vitamin (B12) does not have symptoms all the time. We can find this deficiency while checking the blood for other reasons. It can be found while examining the piles.

In what age group is it seen more?

Generally, vegetarians are vulnerable to this. B12 is abundantly found in the liver. Even if someone has a stomach problem or has had an operation, the person is likely to have vitamin (B12) deficiency; we call it malabsorption.

This problem occurs even when the lice spread. Regular consumption of some medicines like the one used by diabetic patients also causes vitamin B12 deficiency. The main reason is food.

Is there anything likely to aggravate this?

Since it belongs to the B group, it is not found much. It passes through the urine. The Mal-observation is likely if there is an overdose while giving treatment. However, in most of the cases when the patients with deficiency come to us, they have less quantity of it.

How and when should one test the deficiency?

If someone has symptoms, they should go to the hospital and get a blood test for vitamin B12. Generally, the level of vitamin (B12) in the body should be above 300 pgml. Check the label, and treat accordingly.

How can we overcome vitamin B12 deficiency?

First of all, the reason should be found. We focus on food. We find out what is their problem, whether it is a stomach problem or lack of blood, and after finding out, we proceed to the test.

How can vegetarians get B 12 supply? What food should one take?

Vitamin B12 comes from animals. We give medicines. Those who took it first and left later, and even those who have already eaten should take medicine.

What should you pay attention to after vitamin B12 deficiency?

First of all, one should find out what caused it. If it is due to food, then eat non-vegetarian; if it is due to other diseases, then go for the treatment of that disease. One should find out the root cause of it and treat it accordingly.

What is your ‘expert’s message’ on it?

Take the symptoms seriously, and pay attention to a regular health examination. There are many reasons behind the deficiency; you should consult your doctor as per your condition.

Publish Date : 05 October 2022 09:00 AM

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