‘Maoist Center adheres to One-China policy’


August 5, 2022


‘Maoist Center adheres to One-China policy’

Maoist Center Party office in Parisdanda, Koteshwor. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The CPN Maoist Center has given its initial response to the diplomatic tension between China and the US and the military tension seen in Taiwanese waters after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Taiwan.

The Maoist Center said that they opposed any activity that hindered China’s national unity. The party reiterated that Nepal and the party were committed to the one-China policy.

Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’s secretariat tweeted on the issue and said, “Our attention has been drawn to the latest developments in Taiwan. Our country Nepal and our party CPN Maoist Center is clear about One-China policy. We remain opposed to any activity that hinders China’s national unity.”

Amid China’s opposition, Pelosi, the third most powerful political figure in the US, visited Taiwan and there has been a serious diplomatic problem between China and the US.

Accusing the US of encroaching on its sovereignty, China has promised to punish it appropriately.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi, issuing a statement on Wednesday, expressed her belief that Nepal will stand by China against American encroachment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also held a press conference today and said it was closely monitoring the issue of Taiwan crisis and clarified that Nepal is clear on the One-China policy.