Anti-typhoid vaccination campaign beginning in Madhes Province


April 5, 2022


Anti-typhoid vaccination campaign beginning in Madhes Province

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DHANUSHA: The anti-typhoid vaccination campaign is being launched in Madhes Province from April 8.

The government is implementing the campaign from April 8 to May 1 in order to minimize human loss caused by typhoid, according to Province Health Directorate.

Information to this was shared at a news conference organized by the Health Directorate in Janakpurdham on Monday. The children aged between 15 months to 15 years will be vaccinated under the drive. Director Bijay Kumar Jha said the anti-typhoid vaccine would however be administered together with regular immunization.

Efforts were on to ensure vaccine to at least 95 percent of the target group. There are 1.7 million populations in the beneficiary age group in eight districts of Madhes Province. Along with this, the children would be immunized against measles and rubella.

According to Madhes Province representative for WHO office, Suresh Shukla, Nepal will be the first country to get vaccine against typhoid in the east Asian countries.