Mind management: Doing everything at ease

Smriti Regmi

March 5, 2022


Mind management: Doing everything at ease

Do you want to manage all activities with ease? If so, consider this: A mind that is at ease can manage everything within and without.

If you have a disturbed mind, you are similar to a rudderless boat not being able to chart your own course.

Therefore, you need to invest time in mind management.


Every person has a built-in mechanism to calm his/her mind. Therefore, mind management is all about meditation, contemplation and breathing techniques, which will help you to open up a new dimension of your life.

We do the activities whatever we think inside our minds. Our action purely depends upon the instructions that our minds give us. We move our hands, we talk, we react, we communicate, etc.

Therefore, if every activity of the human is controlled and directed by our minds, then mind management is very important in our lives.

The fore and foremost thing that you can do to change your life and achieve your goals are to make friends with your mind. Allow your mind to work with you, rather than working against you.

People set goals. However, they are not enough on their own. Now, mind management starts here to make a difference. First, you need to think about where you are and then look at what is really stopping you to achieve your goals.

You experience a lot of positive as well as negative thoughts. But you need to overcome your negative thoughts to identify and explore possibilities.

Try to replace your negative thoughts with empowering affirmations to change your attitude, behaviors, and actions.

This is mind management, managing yourself, way of thinking, and behaving.

If we are able to organize our minds, it will organize our entire system and body, our energy, our emotions, our behavior, and more.

Now, let’s discuss how we can manage ourselves in a frustrating environment?

Tackling our frustrated minds:

Frustration can be complicated, disappointment, anger, and annoyance.

Therefore, doing some breathing exercises will have a positive result since regulating one’s breathing can get more oxygen to the brain and help oneself calm down.

Meditation is another way to manage your mind. It is a great way to connect with one’s feelings.

Physical exercises are also mood boosters that helps you regulate stress and manage your mind.

Another way to manage your mind is to vent out your anger with calm. Focus on positive conversation.

Developing right thoughts 

Developing positive thoughts is not about being constantly cheerful or happy. It is all about incorporating both positive and negative into your perspective and overcoming the negative with the positive.

It’s a way to increase one’s control over the mood, which means doing away with negative feelings that often come from misaligned expectations.

Understand that one cannot fully anticipate anyone else’s behavior. Therefore, try to change your mental framework with positivity.