“Reviving NCP and forging Left unity is the ultimate goal”

Oli and Prachanda also believe in leftist alliance and unity

Dhiraj Basnet

July 4, 2022


“Reviving NCP and forging Left unity is the ultimate goal”

KATHMANDU: Lately, Bamdev Gautam took an initiative for the unity of the communist parties of Nepal.

He announced Nepal Ekta Rashtriya Abhiyan. However, he was removed by the party — barely a week after the formation of the Campaign.

Although Gautam failed in his similar initiation before, he announced the campaign targeting the forthcoming general election.

With the remarkable number of voters’ belief that communist forces should contest the election united, Gautam’s efforts this time are likely to bear result in the form of an electoral alliance between communist parties.

In this scenario, Khabarhub’s Dheeraj Basnet approached Gautam’s wife and lawmaker Tulasa Thapa.

Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Why and for what purpose was the Ekta Rastriya Abhiyan Party formed?

We have now formed this party as a campaign. It is not registered as a party. The main objective of this campaign is to unite the communist parties, which are divided into small factions.

Although all the communist parties in the country have the same objective, they are walking different paths. We have announced this campaign to work to revive the former Nepal Communist Party.

There had been many efforts since the party split; however, as we did not want to give up we started the second campaign for unity between the communist forces.

We have started the effort of unity because the goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ cannot be achieved by walking separately.

How has the party taken ahead its activities after announcing the unity campaign? Have you approached the chairmen of the CPN-Maoist Center and CPN-UML?

Actually, we had tasked Bamdev Comrade to talk to the UML and the Maoist Center chairmen. The efforts to take the dialogue process forward will continue.

In this context, Gautam has already met UML chairman KP Oli at the latter’s Balkot-based residence of late.

Discussions for cooperation with other smaller communist parties will also move forward. We are preparing to communicate with everyone. Before that, we have already announced the campaign that we should march united.

Many have commented that the campaign is nothing more than an attempt to establish otherwise ‘outdated’ leader Gautam. How do you take it?

Actually, comrade Gautam does not have any personal interest. He wants to do active politics, that’s all he wants to do.

His aim was to unite the fragmented communists. The communist movement shall sustain further injuries unless it goes united.

He is of the opinion that if there is unity, it can emerge as a powerful party again. If one understands this as selfishness, what can be said about it? But, his purpose is sacred. Convinced of the same purpose, I have joined the campaign. I have supported his campaign.

Why are you deserting the UML party you belong to in the name of the unity campaign? Couldn’t you continue supporting the campaign without deserting the party that sheltered and brought you up so long?

I am still in UML. I have become a member of the House of Representatives from the same party. Despite being a lawmaker of UML, I felt, I have the responsibility to act for the unification campaign between the communist parties. That’s why I have joined this campaign. It’s the same thing here and there.

Did UML mobilize you for party unity? Your statement indicates the same.

We are members of UML. However, the UML has not mobilized us for unity among the leftist forces. We are spontaneously engaged in the campaign of communist party unity. We believe that only a strong and visionary party headed by the communists can lead the country to good governance and prosperity, there is no need for many parties when all of them claim to be guided by the same ideology.

Therefore, we are committed to at least moving forward by uniting the communist parties. Again, we have said that the NCP should be revived.

What will you do if leader duo KP Oli and Prachanda do not agree to unite the communist parties? Will you go to the next election alone?

We believe that they believe in leftist unity. But, it takes time. Everyone should accept and correct their past shortcomings.

If that happens then a new style of NCP can be formed. Even if the leaders are not ready for immediate unity, our efforts will continue. We also promote party activities in our own way. Being alone does not mean running away from the election. However, this issue remains to be discussed. Our emphasis is on unity.

Why did you choose the person who was sentenced to 6 months in jail by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on the charge of corruption as the secretary of your campaign? Didn’t you find anyone other than DB Karki?

People make mistakes. One should not be poked for good for the mistake s/she happened to commit at a certain stage.

Their lives should not be wasted. Besides, the person chosen for the post of Secretary had been a victim of some plotting.

You know how the gang is active in trapping people here. Otherwise, the people involved in the corruption of billions of rupees would not get amnesty. The powerful ones are appointed to high posts again and again. However, they are not prosecuted.

There is both discrimination and deception. DB Karki was victimized. A person who is once trapped in this way will not be corrupt forever. That is why our party has given him the responsibility. It is not wise to make it a big issue.