Government to honour returnee migrant worker-turned entrepreneurs


February 3, 2022


Government to honour returnee migrant worker-turned entrepreneurs

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: The government said it would honour the returnee migrant workers so as to encourage them to adopt self-employment measures.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, has in a notice, solicited applications from those who adopted enterprises after returning from overseas employment.

According to the Ministry notice, the entrepreneurs making contributions to the national production and employment through the adoption of enterprises after returning from foreign employment can submit their application up to February 22.

The notice states that those returned home after a year in foreign employment on a working visa, those completing a minimum one year of their entrepreneurship after returning from foreign employment and those who have not been awarded by the Ministry of Labour for last five years can submit their applications for the honour.

The award application form is available at the ministry website. Along with the application, those eligible should enclose copy of the Nepali citizenship certificate, passport with work permit and visa, income tax certificate and tax clearance certificate of last year and self-declaration stating s/he was not awarded by the ministry before.

As stated the application can be registered at the Ministry’s Employment Coordination and Information Section or via email.

The Ministry said that the outstanding entrepreneurs would be screened among the applicants and awarded accordingly.

The Ministry is honouring the Nepali returnee migrant workers to encourage them to utilize knowledge, skills, experience and capital they gained during their foreign employment for the enhancement of production and employment of home country.

The Ministry has expected that such honour would discourage outbound of workers and attract to return to the country for enterprises.

As noted one among the applicants would receive the best entrepreneur national award with a cash prize of Rs 150,000 and seven others would get entrepreneur national award with Rs 75,000 each.