“Maoist weakened due to Prachanda’s apprehension”

Dhiraj Basnet

August 2, 2022


“Maoist weakened due to Prachanda’s apprehension”

KATHMANDU: The Maoist Center, which allied with the Nepali Congress (NC) in the local elections, is currently holding internal discussions about whether to continue the alliance with the NC or not.

And if yes, what should be the Maoist’s strategy?

The issue of discussing with the CPN-UML has also come to the surface.

Another burning issue is regarding the formation of a Socialist Center, its future, and the possibility of forming a Leftist alliance.

Khabarhub’s Dhiraj Basnet talked to Haribol Gajurel, an influential leader of the Maoist Center, on contemporary issues. Excerpts:

There are suspicions about the probability of holding parliamentary elections in November until the government announces the date of the election. What is your observation?

The government will announce the date for the parliamentary and provincial elections as per the suggestion of the Election Commission.

Elections are held on the basis of the constitution and prevailing laws. The government cannot go beyond that.

Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has already said that the elections will be held in December. We are currently analyzing our mistakes and weaknesses.

However, other parties have spread false illusions against us. The government can hold elections within the limits of the law. Even if it is delayed for some time, the election will be conducted according to the rules.

Elections are periodical. Therefore, they cannot be held haphazardly, right?

There has been a debate on how to set the time limit. The Supreme Court has said that the Parliament should function its full term.

The date of the election can be decided based on an appropriate time and situation.

What about the formation of a Socialist Center?

The formation of a Socialist Center is a wrong idea. We have never said we would form a Socialist Center. Our emphasis is to form a Left alliance, which means that all Left forces should come together.

Firstly, we have to analyze whether the formation of a Socialist Center will be done from within the Left forces or separately.

We cannot go beyond the communist movement. It cannot be fulfilled without encompassing all Left forces.

There was a possibility of forming a sub-alliance in the name of the Samajwadi Center. Has it collapsed?

In fact, we have been discussing to bring Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, and the Rastriya Janamorcha Nepal with us. We cannot say it categorically but I believe we can move forward on the basis of understanding.

Which parties are likely to join the alliance?

To be precise, it’s not been finalized yet. But the Unified Socialist, Bamdev Gautam, Maoist Center, and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai can come together.

The Janamorcha Nepal has not been finalized either.

Is there a possibility of allying with CPN-UML?

The CPN-UML has not repented for its mistakes. Therefore, there can be no working alliance with it. The chapter on allying with UML has ended for now.

Why have you resorted to the alliance? Is it because you are not strong enough to fight/contest alone?

Let’s go back. Why did the Maoists launch the People’s War and joined the People’s Movement spear-headed by the then seven-party alliance? The Republican setup would not have been established without Maoist’s support.

Even in the movement against the Panchayat system, political parties were united.

Unity among political parties is done for a specific purpose. However, there is a false rumor that it was done out of suspicion and fear of being defeated in the elections, which is not true.

There are rumors that the Maoist Center will get not more than 8 seats if it contested the election alone. What is your take on this?

The results of the local-level election cannot predict the outcome of the general election.

However, this does not happen in elections. When fighting alone, the Maoists won 26 seats in 2070 BS.

After that, we did not fight alone. We have decided to work together with the Nepali Congress to bring the constitution back on track.

It’s alleged that instead of strengthening the organization, the Maoist has a tendency of seeking support from other parties.

Firstly, we should analyze how the Maoist party has been focusing on the policies rather than its benefits.

Maoists have always looked at the political aspect. Meanwhile, we have accepted our shortcomings.

We are definitely seen as weak because of our shortcomings. We are not made weak by others. We have accepted that people did not vote because of our weakness. We compromised and moved forward. The party could not develop policies and procedures according to the changed time and scenario. Party Chairman Prachanda’s failure to bring about changes in the organization has weakened the party.