HAN to restrict single use plastic in hotels in Nepal


June 1, 2022


HAN to restrict single use plastic in hotels in Nepal

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KATHMANDU: Nepal’s hotels will now stop using single time use plastic.

The Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) has launched a program on Wednesday to remove single-use plastic.

Now the hotel will stop using disposable brushes, plastic slippers, packing plastics, and other plastic-based materials used in hotel rooms.

According to HAN, the campaign started in big hotels and will be implemented in all hotels gradually.

HAN Chairman Sirjana Rana revealed that this effort has been started in Nepal as the demand for plastic-free rooms is increasing in hotels all over the world.

HAN’s General Secretary Binayak Shah claimed that within the next two years, all hotels in Nepal would stop using disposable plastic products.

He said that the campaign was launched with awareness of climate change and said that this is not a trade campaign and there are no foreign donors.

HAN’s campaign is also supported by the Federation of Hotel Entrepreneurs, Homestay Association, and HAN’s regional committees.