Tourists arrival in Nepal by air declined by 34.4%

Eak Raj Bastola

December 31, 2021


Tourists arrival in Nepal by air declined by 34.4%

Tourists on the move. (Image for Representation)

KATHMANDU: Tourists’ arrival in the country has decreased by 34.4 % compared to last year from January to November.

A total of 1,26,283 tourists have entered Nepal via air from January to the end of November while 1,92,604 tourists arrived in 2020 in the last year of the same time.

The highest number of tourists came from India while the least number of tourists came from New Zealand.

A total of 56,360 tourists came from India followed by 19,347 from the USA, 6,419 from the UK, 5,919 from China, 2,871 from Bangladesh, and 2,541 from Germany.

From the January-November, tourists from 33 countries came to Nepal via air route.

The tourist arrival from SAARC nations has decreased by 14.8 percent, 85.3 percent from Asia, 37.2 percent from Europe, 81.4 percent from Oceania and 34.4 percent from the Americas and 33.7 percent from others countries compared to last year.

The inflow of tourists is highest in the month of November. A total of 26135 tourists came in the month. Likewise, Nepal welcomed 23284 tourists in October, 22450 in April, 14977 tourists in March, 9898 in September.