Ram Karki dissents on Prachanda’s dossier, questions the relevance of federalism


December 28, 2021


Ram Karki dissents on Prachanda’s dossier, questions the relevance of federalism

CPN-Maoist Center leader Ram Karki 'Partha'. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Center leader Ram Karki has submitted a supplementary report to the party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda”s political dossier presented in the Eighth General Convention.

According to sources, Karki expressed his dissent on various key issues including federalism and opined that federalism is turning into a scarecrow frightening the people it is advocated for.

The closed session of Maoist Center’s Eighth General Convention has started deliberations on the political report and proposal entitled ‘Socialist in the 21st Century, a Nepali Way’ from Tuesday morning.

A source close to leader Karki said that he (Karki) submitted his report to the Maoist Center’s Central Committee meeting held on Sunday morning.

Karki’s report entitled ‘Some Complements, Some Innovative Ideas’ has questioned the relevance of federalism in Nepal.

“Federalism has brought a part of the budget to the local level, but the mechanism for its circulation and monitoring has not been ready. The budget has been wasted in supporting the luxurious lifestyle of the leaders,” he said, adding, “The lavish lifestyle and disregard to the concern of the grassroots people has made people frown at the system itself.”

He has prepared the report under the sub-heading of International Situation, Domestic Situation, Upcoming Duties, Republic, Federalism, Inclusive Democracy, Ideological Doctrinal Questions to Be Addressed, Our Path, Original Path, Urgent Action and Perceptions.

Karki has expressed concern over party’s indifference towards class struggle and class interest, the pivotal issue for all the communists of the world.