Protest against Chief Justice Rana won’t stop unless impeachment: Senior Advocate Shakya


November 28, 2021


Protest against Chief Justice Rana won’t stop unless impeachment: Senior Advocate Shakya

Senior advocate Purna Man Shakya in a protest program. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Senior Advocate Purna Man Shakya has said that the agitation of Nepal Bar Association will continue till the political parties file an impeachment against the Chief Justice.

Addressing a sit-in organized by the Nepal Bar Association at the Supreme Court premises on Sunday, senior advocate Shakya said that the agitation would be stopped only if the political parties indicted Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana.

He further added that although Chief Justice Rana seems to be in office till date, he is not in office in reality.

He accused the court of stalling the citizens by causing grief even when no one accepted the chief justice.

“The Chief Justice is practically no longer in that position. He has not come to his office for 6/7 days. No one shares a bench with him anymore. We do not understand what message he is trying to convey by stubbornly disrupting the case of all the citizens by not resigning as he will not be able to assume the responsibility of the Chief Justice in practice,” senior advocate Shakya said, adding, “What we have said is that we will stop this protest program when there is a possibility that the politicians will remove him from the parliament through the process of impeachment.”

But because of that lack of possibility, we are forced to run this program. This program does not leave without achieving its purpose. We have achieved our goal in a practical way, and we are confident that it will be achieved soon, as it remains only legally and on paper. ”

Advocate Anantraj Luintel reiterated in the need to ensure the appointments in the judiciary are made in a scientific manner in the coming days.

Advocate Padma Bahadur Shrestha described Chief Justice Rana as a polluter of the judiciary. He claimed that this movement against the Chief Justice would also be successful as no movement of legal practitioners has failed so far.

The Nepal Bar Association has been staging sit-ins at the apex demanding the resignation of the Chief Justice.