Bird flu detected again at three places in Kathmandu


May 27, 2021


Bird flu detected again at three places in Kathmandu

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KATHMANDU: Bird flu has been detected again at three places in Kathmandu. According to the Department of Livestock Services, the bird flu was confirmed at wards no 4 and 9 of Kirtipur Municipality and ward no 2 of Chandragiri municipality.

Information Officer at the Department, Dr Chandra Dhakal, said that the bird flu was confirmed on May 24 in course of carrying out a test at Central Veterinary Lab, Tripureshwor of samples of turkey reared by farmers of these places.

He shared that the Department on Wednesday destroyed fowls as well as poultry-related goods at these areas by mobilizing bodies concerned related to livestock services of the federation, province, and local levels.

A total of 535 turkeys, 492 chickens, 20 ducks, 178 eggs, and 900 kilograms of poultry feed were destroyed in these areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development has urged the bodies concerned to transport fowls and poultry-related products only after getting a veterinary certificate compulsorily.

The Department also asked the farmers to contact nearby livestock offices if their fowls fall ill as well as to pay attention to cleanliness.

Earlier, bird flu was detected on chickens and turkeys at Tarkeshwor of Kathmandu and Nakkhu of Lalitpur.