68,000 TB patients found in Nepal every year


December 26, 2021


68,000 TB patients found in Nepal every year

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BAGLUNG: The number of deaths due to tuberculosis in Nepal is increasing every year.

According to the Health Office Baglung, 68,000 TB patients are found in Nepal every year and 17,000 of them die.

“The discrimination and stigma along with the death of a member to TB make the family more vulnerable,” said Dev Prakash Ghimire, Tuberculosis and Leprosy Inspector of the office.

According to him, the government’s investment in TB control has not increased as of late.

In Baglung, he shared that Badigad rural municipality has been most affected by tuberculosis and leprosy.

Presenting a working paper at an ‘Orientation on Campaign Against Stigma and Discrimination’ \organized by the Health Office here, Ghimire stressed the need to increase investment in TB control and prevention measures.

He said that about 37 percent of the total infected people in Nepal have some form of latent tuberculosis.

People with tuberculosis are more likely to have coronary heart disease, HIV and other infectious diseases.

The situation of HIV infection is also alarming, said Suraj Guraun, chief of the health office.

“The risk of HIV is as high as tuberculosis,” he said, adding that “reducing HIV infection requires more investment in the families of migrant workers, drug users and sex workers.”

According to him, there has been more infection from drug users, who share the same needle in the district recently.

He said that along with preventive measures, attention should also be paid to preventing discrimination and stigma.

Stating that treatment and prevention of all the infections is possible, he said that it is necessary to conduct social campaigns to remove the stigma.