Hard-core China supporters are against MCC: Prof. Mishra (With Video)


September 26, 2021


Hard-core China supporters are against MCC: Prof. Mishra (With Video)

The issue of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) remains a wide topic for discussion even now. Therefore, the point is that anyone who speaks in favor of MCC is branded a traitor and sometimes even an anti-nationalist.

Speaking a little bit in favor of MCC is to sense a brunt that is absolutely heavy and treacherous.

The fear of being branded anti-nationalist and a traitor remains high since some leaders have created such “nationalism rhetoric” that it has penetrated the minds of the common populace.

Silly arguments such as endorsing the MCC would pave the way for the US to come here to collect Nepal’s uranium have been widely disseminated while some argue that the United States’ motive is to encircle China.

Ridiculously, a handful of Nepalis regard themselves as more Chinese than the Chinese themselves at a time when China itself has neither said anything openly about MCC and its objectives nor has it sent a diplomatic or protest note on the issue.

Questions arise: When China seems least bothered on the issue, why Nepali leaders, including CP Mainali, CP Gajurel, Narayan Man Bijukchhe, Leela Mani Pokhrel, Dev Gurung, among others, are so concerned and worried about China’s territory and its future?

The reason is that “nationalism” has always been a saleable narrative in Nepal as this term had been widely exploited by leaders, including King Mahendra, former Prime Minister KP Oli, among other nationalist leaders.

Even more astonishingly, an infrastructure expert once slipped his tongue to say that accepting the MCC, which has been formed under US law, is to trade Nepal’s sovereignty at a time when Nepal is heading toward socialism.

By experiencing all these narratives, it looks like some people are campaigning in favor of China, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, and other communist countries as they understand that China has been their major pillar of socialism.

This could be one of the reasons why some leaders and parties are acting like Nepal is China’s protectorate, and are worried that Nepal would go out of China’s grip. If so, have we become China’s protectorate? If yes, this is acceptable.

The time has come to decide and act – for or against MCC. General people, who have absolutely no idea about MCC, have been provoked and have been brought down to the streets.

Sad but true, some so-called masters of the country’s “opinion makers” have been working for China. It would rather be appropriate if they brand themselves as “CPN-RMB”, which is the Chinese currency.

The ball is also in the court of UML leader Bhim Rawal. He would, perhaps, join Dev Gurung and other hard-core China supporters to elect CP Mainali as the party Chairman and work in China’s interest.

Paradoxically, despite regarding China as their master, these leaders do not accept China’s economic policy since a communist leader like Leela Mani Pokhrel advocates that Nepal should be self-reliant like North Korea.

Besides, UML leader Rawal, too, has started suggesting not accepting any foreign grant or aid for a couple of years.

Here, his motive in saying so is clear since Nepal has already accepted the BRI, and wants to leave this country as virgin land for China.

Therefore, the bottom line has to be either “yes” or “no” on MCC. Perhaps, a democrat, who believes in liberal policy and economy, and political freedom, should take a step forward for a direct and clear fight.