Book perpetrators to justice: National Human Rights Commission


June 26, 2021


Book perpetrators to justice: National Human Rights Commission

The National Human Rights Commission. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has  demanded that the perpetrators should be booked to justice as torturing people is inhumane and criminal activity.

Issuing a statement on the International Day for the Assistance of Torture Victims on Saturday, the Commission urged the authority to take action against the criminal acts and bring the perpetrators of torture to justice.

The commission has drawn attention that there have been complaints of deaths due to torture in Jumla, Rautahat, Chitwan and other districts in the name of arresting people and getting information.

NHRC said that during the monitoring, the commission received the complaints against the government saying that the overcrowding in all the prisons of the country has resulted in poor sanitation and drinking water.

Stating that thousands of people were tortured during the armed conflict, the commission remarked that despite the commission’s recommendation to the government to compensate the victims and take action against the perpetrators, there are rare instances of offering the victims any compensation.