15 UML SC members appeal to stand against Chairman Oli’s arbitrary rule

Yogesh Bhattarai and Gokarna Bista come back to Nepal-Khanal camp


May 26, 2021


15 UML SC members appeal to stand against Chairman Oli’s arbitrary rule

KATHMANDU: Fifteen standing committee members of ruling CPN-UML, including senior leaders Jhala Nath Khanal and Madhav Kumar Nepal, have appealed for a decisive struggle against Prime Minister and party Chairman KP Oli’s arbitrary rule.

Issuing a press a statement on Wednesday, the UML leaders urged all public for united and collaborative effort against PM Oli’s disciplinary actions and arbitrary rule.

“The united struggle and cooperation of all the leftist and democratic forces have become indispensable against the arbitrary, authoritarian and regressive actions of PM Oli taken within the party and in the country,” the SC members said, adding, “We heartily call upon all the leaders, cadres, members and well-wishers of the CPN-UML to move forward with determination and reject the threats, temptations and delusions of PM Oli faction.”

The signatories include all the leaders who faced Chairman Oli faction’s action including explanation and expulsion from the party.

Meanwhile, party leaders Yogesh Bhattarai and Gokarna Bista, who had earlier shown their interest to join the mainstream UML party, have come back to the Nepal-Khanal faction. They have also signed the statement against PM Oli.

The list of the SC members who signed the statement:

  1. Jhala Nath Khanal
  2. Madhav Kumar Nepal
  3. Yuva Raj Gyawali
  4. Ashta Laxmi Shakya
  5. Bhim Rawal
  6. Ghana Shyam Bhusal
  7. Bhim Acharya
  8. Gokarna Bista
  9. Yogesh Bhattarai
  10. Surendra Pandey
  11. Mukunda Neupane
  12. Raghuji Pant
  13. Bedu Ram Bhusal
  14. Amrit Kumar Bohora
  15. Pramesh Hamal