Voters name list to be collected at local level centers


November 22, 2021


Voters name list to be collected at local level centers

Building of the Election Commission at Kantipath, Kathmandu. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission is to launch voters’ registration at local level centers giving continuity to voters’ list collection underway from 77 election offices, 77 district administration offices and 40 different area administration offices.

The EC said that it is going to launch the special program related to voters registration at 637 local level centers in the form of a campaign from December 3.

A press release issued today by Joint-Secretary and Spokesperson of EC, Shaligram Sharma (Poudel) states that the voter name list would be collected at local levels of mountain and hilly districts for 10 days while at local levels of Tarai, inner Madhesh and Kathmandu valley for 15 days. Name of all citizens above 16 years, who have acquired citizenship certificate, would be collected, reads the statement.

The EC said that voters name list of the citizens, who are out of their districts due to various reasons, including employment or studies, would also be collected from December 3. Around 2,300 staffers are directly involved in voters name list collection special programs across the nation.