Press Chautari establishes journalist welfare fund in Chitwan


August 22, 2021


Press Chautari establishes journalist welfare fund in Chitwan

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CHITWAN: A meeting of the district branch of Press Chautari Nepal has decided to set up a journalist welfare fund and provide awards every year.

Two working journalists of the district will be honored with the ‘Risk Journalism Award’.

A recent meeting of the branch also decided to present the ‘Press Chautari Educational Talent Award’ to two students pursuing journalism every year.

District President Subash Pandit shared that the award would be given to the students who pass with the highest grades in journalism in higher secondary and graduate levels.

The meeting passed the Welfare Fund Procedure-2078 BS with suggestions.

He said that the contribution from donors and money collected through various activities will be increased by keeping it in the fund.

The meeting has passed the Sarada-Tilchandra Bhattarai Journalism Award Working Procedure-2078 BS established by poultry expert Dr Tilchandra Bhattarai and Prof Dr Sarada Thapaliya.RSS