NEPSE decreases by 11.60 points today


November 21, 2021


NEPSE decreases by 11.60 points today

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has decreased by 11.60 points on Sunday, the first trading day of the week.

With today’s decline, the index has come down to 2757.53 points.

A total of 7.89 million shares of 225 companies traded today resulting in a turnover of Rs 4.35 billion.

While most of the sub-indices have declined today, the hydropower and manufacturing sub-indices have increased. The manufacturing sub-index increased by 1.49 percent and the hydropower sub-index by 0.41 percent.

The trade sub-index declined the most at 1.87 percent, while the other sub-index decreased by 1.83 percent and the hotel and tourism sub-index by 1.51 percent.

Similarly, the banking sub-index declined by 0.28 percent. Along with the market indicators, the transaction amount has also slowed down.

Mahalakshmi Development Bank has taken the lead in the transaction amount today. While the bank had a turnover of around Rs 510 million, National Hydropower had a turnover of Rs 238.4 million and Nepal Telecom Company had a turnover of Rs 226.2 million. The share price of Narayani Development Bank and Manushi Microfinance has closed at the circuit level in Nepse today.

Similarly, the share price of Corporate Development Bank increased by 8 percent, Himal Dolakha Power by 6.4 percent, and Shivshree Hydropower by 4.19 percent.

The share price of Tehrathum Power decreased the most by 4.21 percent, followed by ICFC Finance by 3.89 percent, Premier Insurance by 3.61 percent, National Microfinance by 3.28 percent, and Malung Khola Hydropower Company by 3.28 percent.

Of the 187 companies traded on Nepse today, the share price of 62 companies increased while the share price of 115 companies decreased. Similarly, the share prices of 10 companies remained stable.