Wheat seeds distributed to Kailali farmers


November 21, 2021


Wheat seeds distributed to Kailali farmers

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KAILALI: Kailari Rural Municipality has distributed wheat seeds to farmers of the municipality.

Wheat seeds have been distributed to the farmers who had their paddy crops damaged due to the post-monsoon floods.

The rural municipality purchased and distributed the seeds as per the demand of farmers.

The rural municipality has purchased and distributed 2,500 quintals of wheat seeds.

The all-party political mechanism of the municipality had decided to set up a food security fund after the unseasonal floods caused severe damage to the paddy crop.

Accordingly, the rural municipality allocated budget to the fund. Chief of the Agriculture department of the municipality, Deepak Khadka, said that as per the decision of the executive Rs. 20 million from the fund was used to purchase wheat seeds for the farmers.

A total of 9,418 families in Kailari village were affected by the floods. Paddy crop grown in 6,000 hectares of land was destroyed in the rural municipality.

Following paddy, wheat is cultivated in 7,126 hectares of land in the municipality. Kailash Chaudhary, ward chairman of Kailari-3, said wheat seeds sent by the municipality to the wards are being distributed through the villagers.