Hindu Rastra Swabhiman Jagran Abhiyan launched


August 19, 2021


Hindu Rastra Swabhiman Jagran Abhiyan launched

KATHMANDU: The ‘Hindu Rastra Swabhiman Jagran Abhiyan’ – a campaign that aims to revive religious identity of Nepal and Nepalis has been launched in Kathmandu Thursday.

Former Chief of Army Staff Rukmangad Katwal launched the campaign at the campaign’s central office in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur, Thursday.

Speaking at the inaugural event, Katawal said, “Hindu culture was that link that connected all Nepalis. The aim of this campaign is to revive the spirit of Hindutva in the hearts of every citizen.” He added that the campaign would help uplift the dormant self-esteem in the society by awakening Hindu spirit in individuals.

Also present at the event, political analyst Devesh Jha said social ills in the society fostered as the public erased from its memory the glorious Hindu culture.

The event connected about 1,000 activists and well-wishers across the country virtually on Zoom app.

Vice Chairman of National Gurukul Education Council Swami Keshavananda and Shantidham Swami Chaturbhuj Acharya Maharaj, among others, also spoke during the program.