Delay in Mid-Hill Highway construction draws public wrath


November 18, 2021


Delay in Mid-Hill Highway construction draws public wrath

Mid-Hill Highway (File photo)

BALEWA: Local youths have staged a demonstration for dillydally in the up-gradation and blacktopping of Baglung-Ghodabandh road section along the Pushpalal Mid-Hill Highway.

Youths of Kathekhola Rural Municipality wards 5 and 6, Bihun staged protest by hoisting black flag and black armband.

Irate youths have ascended to the street with symbolic protest against the apathy of authorities towards road up-gradation.

The locals called for immediate blacktopping of Bihun section along the highway. Divas Kandel, a local youth, said blacktopping was stalled due to sheer negligence on part of the contractor company.

Kandel further said that youths have put forth several demands, including termination of license of Contractor Company and resumption of construction works in a speedy manner.

They have resorted to launch a protest campaign as the construction works have long been held in absence of the company responsible for building the road section from Akchhete to Inarpani of Bihun.