NEPSE records highest transaction in history


May 18, 2021


NEPSE records highest transaction in history

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has made a record in terms of transactions in the history on Tuesday.

The transaction amount has crossed over 11.35 billion Tuesday.

NEPSE increased by 34.68 points (1.26 percent) today. With today’s increment, the index has reached 2793.89 points.

All the indexes except production and processing increased today. The life insurance group has increased by 204.14 points.

The share prices of 10 companies have increased by 10 percent at the circuit level. Both the Nepse index and the buying and selling amount set a new record on Tuesday.

Nepal Reinsurance Company is ahead with the purchase and sale amount of more than Rs. 679.2 million. National Life Insurance and Arun Kabeli Hydropower are ranked second and third respectively.

About 3 dozen companies have seen positive circuit breakers due to price hikes. Hotels and tourism, finance, hydropower, and other groups are more attractive.

More than 23.1 million shares of 215 companies have been traded.