Radio Candid 92.7MHz goes on air 24 hrs from today


August 17, 2021


Radio Candid 92.7MHz goes on air 24 hrs from today

Radio Candid news presenters sharing light moments at the live studio.

KATHMANDU: Radio Candid 92.7 MHz started regular broadcasting from today.

Radio Candid, under Pavilion Media Group, has started regular round-the-clock broadcasting in the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas.

It has started broadcasting the news at 6 o’clock from today morning.

News presenters working at Radio Candid newsroom.

Radio Candid has aimed to expanding its coverage all across the country through local partners as well as by upgrading its technical aspects in the near future.

Its broadcast services are also available on the official Facebook Page, Twitter, Hamro Patro– Nepal’s most downloaded App, Khabarhub App, and Radio Candid’s official website: www.radiocandid.com.

Radio Candid news presenters and technicians pose for group photo.

PMG’s Chairman Naresh Shrestha expressed gratitude to all the listeners, advertisers, well-wishers, and consultants on the occasion of launching and operating Radio Candid’s regular broadcast.

Staffers working for audio records at the recording studio of Radio Candid.

“We are confident that Radio Candid will take a new height soon with its unique programs and views,” Shrestha said.

Radio Candid 92.7MHz, which currently broadcasts major news bulletins, will regularize its programs in the near future.

The programs basically focus on news, informative programs, interviews, socio-economic affairs, current affairs, sports, technology, and entertainment, among other issues.

Radio Candid broadcasts a mix of news, music, interviews, relevant information to fulfill the communication gap among all stakeholders to ensure creating a forum for the people.

The major half-hour bulletin will be broadcast daily at 6:00 am, 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm, and the hourly brief News Candid will be broadcast instantly.

Radio Candid News Schedule

Candid Debate with Candid Talks, Have a Nice Day, Voice of Youth, Economic Talks, Candid Fatafat, as well as international personalities and experts will be broadcast once a week.

A technician working on podcasts for radio shows.

Radio Candid is also preparing to broadcast programs in collaboration with some reputed international media.

In fact, Radio Candid was rechristened after taking over the management of Voice of Youth FM, which had been broadcasting regularly since 2015.

The radio station Voice of Youth FM — owned by Lila Voice Pvt. Ltd – was established on March 17, 2015, and registered at the Office of Company Registrar in Nepal.

It received the radio broadcast license on April 02, 2015, from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Although the initial target is to make its reach within the Kathmandu Valley, the aim is to increase live coverage across the country in collaboration with local radios by upgrading the technology.

Radio Candid journalists, technicians of morning shift posing for a photo with the Chairman of Pavilion Media Group, Naresh Shrestha (C) prior to on-air.

Radio Candid embraces the evolution of radio and works in such a way that it makes us a model for creativity, innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

Radio Candid 92.7 MHz is an independent infotainment 24/7 radio station in Nepal besides being a reliable source of information.

As one of Nepal’s fastest-growing stations, it targets people of all walks of life offering them all facts and information coupled with contemporary music to find this channel informative and entertaining.