Nagarik App amasses over 600,000 downloads in four months


May 17, 2021


Nagarik App amasses over 600,000 downloads in four months

Nagarik App. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: The ‘Nagarik App’ has been downloaded by over 600,000 users since its launch by the government four months ago.

The total number of downloads of the App stands at 640,503 to date.

The number reflects public attraction towards the App that was launched on January 15 with the slogan “Supporting Communications and Information Technology, Government Services at Hand.’’

The full version of the App was launched on May 2. The App aims to digitize all the government services and deliver them through an integrated platform.

According to the National Information Technology Center, only 34.7 percent (222,315) of the total downloads have been verified so far meaning 65.3 percent of downloads were yet to be verified.

Center officials said they were receiving complaints about the non-verification of downloads by a large number of users.

Most of them are contacting the center’s official through telephone to lodge complaints. Most complaints are related to Nepal Telecom.

Additional features like police clearance reports and the Health Insurance Programme have been incorporated into the App.

The user can open an account in the Nepal Bank and the Siddhartha Bank by scanning the QR through the App. Plans are afoot to incorporate the non-government services in the App in the second phase.