Karnali Province CM Shahi passes floor test


April 16, 2021


Karnali Province CM Shahi passes floor test

Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Mahendra Bahadur Shahi. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: Karnali Province Assembly (PA) has passed with majority Chief Minister Mahendra Shahi’s motion seeking vote of confidence Friday.

PA Speaker Raj Bahadur Shahi declared the results of the vote,  22 in favor of the motion and 15 against it. A total of 37 PA members were present in today’s PA.

As many as 4 PA members of CPN-UML crossed the floor to support CM Shahi.

Chief Minister Mahendra Shahi initiated the motion for floor test at the first meeting of the seventh session of Karnali Province Assembly (PA), which convened after nine months, Friday.

CM Shahi urged PA members to support his government while initiating the motion.

He said he was seeking a vote of confidence in Karnali PA due to the changed political context, and hoped his motion will aid to establish the norm of democracy and ensure political stability.

In the 39-membered Karnali PA, CPN-UML has got 20 seats, the Maoist Center 12, Nepali Congress 6 and Rastriya  Prajatantra Party (RPP) has got one seat.