Cereal crop production up, vegetable production down in Karnali


September 15, 2021


Cereal crop production up, vegetable production down in Karnali

Building of Nepal Rastra Bank. (File Photo)

KARNALI: Food crop production has increased and that of vegetables has dwindled in Karnali province, according to a study.

The Provincial Economic Activities Study Report, 2020/21 published by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) shows that the area under food crop cultivation has increased by 2.69 percent and the production by 6.52 percent in the province.

Similarly, the production of rice crops has gone up by 3.81 percent and that of maize and millet by 17.45 percent.

However, the report shows the production of vegetables has decreased by 2.26 percent. The vegetable production in the province during the corresponding period last fiscal year had increased by 25 percent.

The report states that the highest vegetable production in the province was reported in the Salyan district and the lowest is Humla district.

The production of eggs, meat, and fish has climbed while that of milk products has dropped by 0.69 percent.

The study concluded that the decrease in vegetables and milk production was due to the lockdown and restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 risk.

NRB Karnali Province Office chief Binaya Sigdel said the frequent lockdown imposed to contain the risk of the pandemic has resulted in the contraction of the province’s economy.

The NRB study shows that the tourism sector was the hardest hit due to this. The province has seen a sharp decline in tourist arrivals. The tourist arrival has decreased by 94.96 percent.

The number of tourist-grade hotels and lodges has declined by 6.43 percent. However, the number of hotel beds has increased by 12 percent.

Meanwhile, there has been a notable increase in the registration of land and houses and the revenue from it. The registration has increased by 57 percent and the revenue by 162 percent.