NEPSE decreases by 3.72 points


June 15, 2021


NEPSE decreases by 3.72 points

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has decreased by 3.72 points on Tuesday.

With today’s decline, the index has come down to 3022.10 points.

A total of 30.98 million shares of 226 companies were bought and sold 1,64,790 times resulting in a turnover of 16.52 billion.

Investors in CEDB Hydropower Development Company have earned the highest rate of 9.88 percent. Investors in Chyangdi Hydropower Ltd lost the most at 7.66 percent per share. Shares of Nepal Reinsurance Company had the highest turnover of Rs 763.09 million today.

On a numerical basis, 1,192,113 shares of Hydro Electricity Investment and Development Company were bought and sold. Despite the decline in the Nepse index, the Sensitive Index, which measures the share turnover of large companies, increased by 0.25 points and 550.26.

Today, the indices of hotels and tourism, investment, manufacturing and processing, mutual funds, and other groups have increased while the indices of all other groups have declined.