Janaipoornima and Gaijatra festival to be limited to formalities


August 14, 2021


Janaipoornima and Gaijatra festival to be limited to formalities

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KATHMANDU: The Gaijatra or Saparu festival, which falls on August 23 this year, will be celebrated in Bhaktapur only as a formality.

Considering the risk of COVID-19 infection, Bhaktapur Municipality has decided to celebrate this year’s Gunhipuni i.e. Janaipoornima and Gaijatra festival only to meet the formalities, said Mayor Sunil Prajapati.

“As the risk of coronavirus epidemic is still high, the municipality has requested its citizens to hold the fair without crowding on Janapurnima and instead of Ghintanghisi and cultural exhibitions in Gaijatra limit it to formalities,” he said. COVID-19 should be defeated by vigilance and not by negligence.

A gathering of cultural gurus and representatives and people’s representatives from all its wards decided that on the day of the Gaijatra festival the Taha Machan town tour will be held with a maximum of 20 people in a team.

At the gathering, cultural gurus and representatives of cultural groups associated with the procession said that as the risk of corona infection remained high, this year’s Gaijatra should be limited to formalities like the previous year.