JSP asks its ministers for explanation within seven days


June 14, 2021


JSP asks its ministers for explanation within seven days

KATHMANDU: Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has demanded an explanation from the ministers who joined the KP Oli led government from the party.

According to JSP Chairman Upendra Yadav, all the ministers who joined the government have been asked for clarification on Sunday.

“The party has not made any decision to join the government. But, some of our lawmakers have gone to the government without party’s consent,” Chairman Yadav said, adding, “The party has sought a clarification within the seven days. If they do not respond, the party will decide action as per the party constitution.”

Another JSP chairman Mahanta Thakur faction joined PM KP Oli’s cabinet and obtained nine ministerial and two state ministerial posts.

After Thakur’s decision to join the government, the two factions of the party had taken action against each other’s groups.

However, after the Election Commission did not recognize the actions of both the parties and retained the former office bearers, Chairman Yadav faction wrote to Thakur faction lawmakers who joined the cabinet for explanation.