Drinking water demand over five times high than supply in Kathmandu


February 14, 2021


Drinking water demand over five times high than supply in Kathmandu

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KATHMANDU: The federal capital Kathmandu has a daily need of 430 million liters of drinking water. However, the supply accounts for merely 80 million liters a day in the winter season.

At least 30 million of drinking water is being leaked from the pipe distribution system which has been placed since the rule of Rana Prime Minister Bir Shumsher, it was informed at the 13th anniversary of Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanipani Limited (KUKL) in Kathmandu today.

The drinking water service that has been enshrined as the fundamental right of the citizens in the constitution should be smoothly supplied throughout 24 hours.

In this light, KUKL authorities have admitted that they have not been able to adequately supply drinking water in line with the letter and spirit of the constitution.

On the occasion, Minister for Drinking Water Mani Chandra Thapa said that all authorities and stakeholders concerned should engage their collective and coordinated efforts to ensure a smooth supply of drinking water which has been statutorily enshrined as a fundamental right of the people.

“The dream of former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s Melamchi drinking water is coming true. After the dream was not realized in his tenure, we have now come to a phase to translate it into actions”, Minister Thapa said.

Thapa further noted that they have been effortful to fulfill the expectation of the Kathmandu residents to ensure their access to pure drinking water soon.

The minister directed the staff of the KUKL to remain prepared for the distribution of Melamchi drinking water.

Chairman of KUKL also the Executive Director of Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee Tiresh Prasad Khatri pledged to go for a test by supplying water in the tunnel of Melamchi in some days.

After the supply of water from Melamchi, the Limited will have an opportunity to work to earn more credit and urged the stakeholders to utilise that too.

Mayor of Chandragiri Municipality Ghanshyam Girisaid said the quantity of water supplies could be managed and increased as water from Matatirtha and Machchhegaun water source has been regular after the Gorkha Earthquake.

He drew the attention of the KUKL to increase the quantity of water by systematizing the water sources remaining in other municipalities.

Similarly, Mayor of Budhanilkantha Municipality Uddhav Prasad Kharel asked the KUKL to supply water to each household on the basis of town civilization adding that there was no meaning of talking about development unless water supply was ensured.

Executive Director of Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board Sanjiv Bikram Rana, Project Implementation Director Kamal Raj Shrestha, and KUKL CEO Milan Shakya called for the cooperation of all agencies concerned to distribute water into the water taps of consumers as the process for supplying water from Melamchi was in the last phase.

On the occasion, Minister Thapa released an informative statements’ collection compiled by KUKL’s former employee Amarkaji Rai.