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Sankhuwasabha carnage: Deep seated feeling of vengeance behind killing en masse

13 September 2021  

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SANKHUWASABA: Police have ascertained deep seated feeling of vengeance to be the reason behind killing of six people from the same family at Umling Khola Village of Madi Municipality-1 in Sankhuwasabha district.

The prime suspect 26-year-old Lok Bahadur Karki has given statement to the police that he attacked and killed all six members of the family with a chopped wood.

Making public the prime accused in the incident that took place six days back, Area Police Office, Chainpur informed that the prime suspect had admitted his crime.

Nepal Police, Province-1 Chief DIG Arun BC said in the press conference organized at Chainpur on Sunday that Lok Bahadur Karki admitted that first he attacked his father’s elder brother Tej Bahadur Karki and then went on killing spree to finish five others who witnessed attack on Tej Bahadur.

DIG BC shared that Tej Bahadur’s spouse Kamala Karki and daughter-in-law Ranjana Karki reached the accident spot when they heard Tej Bahadur’s yell over death throes. Accused Lok Bahadur then attacked both Kamala and Ranjana one after another.

Bloodthirsty Lok Bahadur then chased the two grandchildren of Tej Bahadur- Dipen Karki and Goma Karki -who had also arrived at the accident site, and finished them.

Parbati Karki, 84, his grandmother, who was making fodder for the cattle behind the house arrived at the carnage scene where Lok Bahadur was marauding. He then banged her head on the wall repeatedly till she breathed her last.

The accused admitted to the police that he went to his home after killing everyone in the family. To destroy the evidence, he burnt the chopped wood in the fire where Parbati Karki was making fodder for cattle.

Police had been probing the incident meticulously since last Friday. On Saturday, the accused admitted to killing the family although his prime target was Tej Bahadur Karki alone.

Lok Bahadur, the murder accused, had gone abroad for job thrice but returned home ahead of time for failing to work there anymore. He said that he murdered those people out of anger for being scolded repeatedly by Tej Bahadur.

On the ground of personal enmity, Lok Bahadur’s mother had collapsed at the house of Tej Bahadur one year ago and she died while receiving treatment in Jhapa after losing consciousness.

Since then, Lok Bahadur was blaming Tej Bahadur being a cause behind the death of his mother. It is said that Tej Bahadur’s house is just 100 meters away from the house of Lok Bahadur.

Last Monday morning, Lok Bahadur, who was awaiting Tej Bahadur on the road, attacked Tej Bahadur murdering him on the spot when the latter was on his way to village to find agricultural wagers.

As per the initial finding, the Nepal Police had suspected the involvement of close acquaintances in the murder case and the further investigations were initiated accordingly including the arrest of Lok Bahadur.

Lok Bahadur has admitted to the killing of those people citing personal rivalry. He has told the investigation officers that he was often humiliated by Tej Bahadur.

The murder accused himself was the first informant to the neigbhours about the murder and police said that he informed the locals to show himself an innocent person.

For the house of Lok Bahadur, police had recovered the clothes with blood stains and weapons looking like being used in the carnage.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Nepal Police from Province-1 Arun Kumar BC, Superintendent of Nepal Police from Federal Police Unit Office Bhim Dahal, Deputy Superintendent of Police from Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Rugam Kunwar and Deputy Superintendent of Police of the District Police Office Sankhuwasabha Lal Dhwoj Subedi were deployed in the incident site for the investigation of the gory murder. (RSS)

Publish Date : 13 September 2021 06:35 AM

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