Festival security plan enforced in Karnali


October 9, 2021


Festival security plan enforced in Karnali

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KATHMANDU: The Karnali Provincial Police Office, Surkhet, has mobilized 4,000 police personnel across the province targeting festivals including Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath.

The province Police Office has introduced a security action plan for the festival to control unwanted and criminal activities and maintain road discipline on the great festivals of Vijayadashami, Diwali, and Chhath.

Under this scheme, command centers have been set up in 10 districts and 4,351 police personnel have been deployed, said Deputy Inspector General of Police Ganesh Bahadur Aiyer of Karnali Province Police Office, Surkhet.

Stating that security has been provided in important government offices and establishments and monasteries, he said that a plan has been put forward to monitor the shortage of food and other essential items.

Police have made a plan to prevent passengers from being deceived while traveling in public transport, to search for missing items, to control pickpocketing, theft, looting, and fraud, and to prevent quarrels and possible disputes during the festival.

The Provincial Police Office has arranged a rescue team for immediate rescue and relief. Similarly, emergency checkpoints, mobile, pedestrian, and motorcycle patrols and checkpoints have been set up at the border to control crime and traffic accidents.

Karnali Provincial Police Chief DIG Aiyer said that the festivals including Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath were an opportunity to garner the sympathy of the people.

Stating that it is the duty of the police to create an environment where the citizens can celebrate the festival once a year with peace and security, he said that it would give an opportunity to the police to win the sympathy and trust of the people.