NEPSE decreases by 13.56 points


June 9, 2021


NEPSE decreases by 13.56 points

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has decreased by 13.56 points on Wednesday.

With today’s decline, the index has come down to 2946.58 points.

A total of 31.35 millions share of 221 companies traded 1,55,239 times resulting a turnover of 16.99 billion.

The banking group has declined by 11 points, hotel and tourism by 2 points, development bank by 211 points, hydropower by 15 points, others by 31 points, and microfinance by 18 points.

Likewise, trade increased by 78 points, finance by 47 points, non-life insurance by 39 points, manufacturing by 237 points, and life insurance group by 29 points. Investors of hydropower companies were ahead in earning despite the decline in the group. United Modi Hydropower, Nepal Insurance, Reedy Hydropower, Arun Valley Hydropower, CEDB Hydropower, Barun Hydropower, Pokhara Finance, and Prabhu Insurance increased by an average of 10 percent.

Out of these, CEDB Hydropower is a recently listed company. The company’s price has increased to Rs 457 per share.

The index of the Development Bank, which had increased at a high rate till yesterday, has declined at the same pace today. United Idimardi shrank the most by 10 percent. Mahalaxmi Development Bank, Garima, and Shine Resunga have lost 6 percent of their value. Arun Valley topped the list in terms of turnover. The company had a turnover of Rs 870 million and reinsurance shares worth Rs 610 million.

The price of reinsurance has dropped by about 3 percent.