Chhat festival begins; ‘Nahaya Khaya’ being observed today


November 8, 2021


Chhat festival begins; ‘Nahaya Khaya’ being observed today

Chhat festival (File photo)

DHANUSHA: The Chhath festival, which is celebrated in the Mithila region. has formally started.

Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi (the fourth day from the day of Laxmi Puja of Tihar festival) is the first day of Chhat that marks the beginning of the cultural festival. Chhath festival is associated with the worship of the sun god and the goddess Chhathi Mata.

Fruits like apple, banana, orange, coconut, sugarcane, green peas, radish, and ginger plants and ‘Pani Singada’ are especially required for the Chhath puja rituals. Clay and bamboo-made wares which are also needed are purchased.

Holy ponds like Ganga Sagar, Dhanush Sagar, Agni Kunda, Angarajsar, Dashrath Talau, river banks, etc in Janakpur have been decorated.
Offerings are made to the sun god and Chhathi Mata during the festival. Special cookies are prepared for offering to the deities. This festival is observed wishing for the good health, happiness and prosperity of the family and community.

The first day of the festival is called ‘Nahaya Khaya’ during which people in the Mithila region take hygienic food after bathing in the morning.

Those who fast will not eat meat, garlic, onion, millet until Saptami starting today.

The festival is observed with gusto by worshipping the sun while setting and rising. The Chhat festival is concluded by offering Arghya to the rising sun on Saptami.