Two drinking water projects damaged


August 8, 2021


Two drinking water projects damaged

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SINDHUPALCHOWK: Indrawati River flood has damaged two big drinking water projects in the district. Panchkhal Broader Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Project and Temal Broader Dry Area Drinking Water and Sanitation Project were damaged by the flood that occurred on June 15.

The source of the Panchkhal project was on the bank of the Indrawati River and of the Temal project on the bank of the Sunkoshi River.

Both projects were based on water lifting technology. The floods in both rivers and subsequent erosion led to huge damage to the undertaking.

The flood occurred again on August 1 and 3 in both rivers swept away the concrete structures of the sources of water supply for the projects, said consumers’ committee chair Sangram Jit Lama. Even a water tank set up for the project is at high risk now.

“The floods caused the loss amounting millions of rupees. We are collecting details on loss to ascertain it. A complete report will come later,” he added.

The Temal project was initiated after agreement in 2072BS and aimed at completion by last November. But it was delayed due to COVID-19.

Now, after the damage by the flood, it is uncertain when the project completes. Some 55,000 people from 9,310 households from the Temal area were expected to benefit from the drinking water project.

The project was launched in the wake of water sources gone dry after the devastative Earthquake of 2015.
(Rajkumar Parajuli/RSS)