Gokarneshwor municipality installs sophisticated waste management machine


July 8, 2021


Gokarneshwor municipality installs sophisticated waste management machine

Office of the Gokarneshwor Municipality. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: Gokarneshwor Municipality has installed a sophisticated Japan-made machine for managing waste.

The machine has been set up on the bank of the Bagmati river near Tribhuvan International Airport on the municipality’s border with Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No 8, mayor Santosh Chalise said.

The municipality had brought the machine three years back but its installation was delayed due to technical issues. It had brought two such machines at an investment of Rs 50 million and one of them has already been installed while another remains to be installed.

Mayor Chalise said the waste would be managed by operating the machine from mid-July this year.

Gokarneshwor Municipality would be the first municipality in the country to manage waste using sophisticated machines after its operation.

The machine will incinerate the waste and help keep the municipality clean.

Uttam Pudasaini, a Bagmati Cleanup Mega Campaign activist and president of Bagmati Beauty Concerned Forum, suggested that together with the installation of the sophisticated machines, the Municipality should bring a program for raising social awareness and waste segregation.