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‘Women are preachers of Vedic mantras, though excluded from recitations’

07 July 2021  

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KATHMANDU: The wrong notion that women should not read and recite the Vedas still exists in the society, though it is being shattered gradually, said speakers of a virtual program here today.

Speaking at a seminar on ‘Women in the light of oriental philosophy’ organized by the Department of Philosophy, Nepal Academy in collaboration with the Center for Women’s Studies on the occasion of the 81st Yogamaya Memorial Day, Academy chancellor Ganga Prasad Upreti said that such misconception about Vedic philosophy still existed in the society.

The notion that women should not read and recite Vedas, the holy book of the Hindus, does not serve the real essence and values of the Vedas, according to him. He went on to say that such a notion got to rule the society as Vedas at some specific time were (mis) interpreted intentionally or unknowingly, distorting its basic epistemological elements.

This type of event would be helpful in re-assessing and redefining such distorted elements, analyzing the historical background of their emergence and protection and the messages they intended to deliver in the society, he said. He was of the view that the Vedas were capable of guiding the human life of all ages if their symbolic significance could be understood and internalized.

Academy vice-chancellor Dr Jagman Gurung said the position of women was special, high, and respected in the light of Eastern philosophy. “This was not the feature of the mythical society, but also the case of the contemporary society as well,” he argued.

He said laws capable of doing justice to all and acceptable to all were the need of the time.

Prof Jagat Prasad Upadhyaya, Academy Member Secretary and Head of the Department of Philosophy said that the program was successful in presenting the status of women in the Vedas, in the Buddhist philosophy, and in Oriental philosophy. Stating the status of women in Vedic literature was respectable, he emphasized that both women and men are the preachers of Vedic mantras.

Presenting a working paper on ‘Vedic Philosophy and Women’, Dr Shukra Raj Adhikari, said that there is still wrong mentality in society that women should not read the Vedas but many hymns of Veda were interpreted by the women.

Adhikari shared, “The Veda is the main source of religious, cultural and spiritual knowledge of Aryans. It is the source of Vedic philosophy of overall life, knowledge, and science. Now, it is said that the same Veda should not be read by women. But it is women saints who are credited with throwing light on 422 hymns of the Vedas.”

Similarly, presenting a seminar paper on ‘Buddhism and Women’ through a virtual medium from London, Monk Kashyap argued that women always became Sita due to control and oppression of patriarchy, but never became Buddha.

Likewise, Prof Dr Shashi Adhikari presented a seminar paper on “Women’s rights on religion, philosophy, and law” where she mentioned that though the women’s place was equality-oriented during the Vedic period, women have been struggling for gender equality in modern era.

Adhikari opined that provisions made by the constitution and laws could not be implemented until patriarchal thinking is changed and the gender-based discrimination should be wiped out to maintain equality in society.

Constituent Assembly member Prabha Bajracharya, parliamentarian of the federal parliament, Bidhya Bhattarai, and Chairperson of the Centre, Sita Ojha, expressed their views on ‘Women in the light of oriental philosophy.”

Publish Date : 07 July 2021 20:04 PM

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