Stolen-yet-retrieved idol of Laxmi-Narayan restored at rightful place in Patan

US Ambassador Randy Berry along with culture experts attended the idol restoration event


December 4, 2021


Stolen-yet-retrieved idol of Laxmi-Narayan restored at rightful place in Patan

Stolen and retrieved idol of Laxmi Narayan restored at original place in Narayan temple, in Patan, Lalitpur, Saturday.

KATHMANDU: An idol of Laxmi-Narayan, brought back from the United States, was restored at its original place in Narayan temple following a religious ritual, in Patan, Lalitpur, on Saturday.

A ritual was held before the restoration of the Laxmi-Narayan idol at Narayan temple in Patan.

The idol of Laxmi-Narayan was stolen from the temple in 1984 and had been on display at the Dallas Museum of Arts since 1990. The theft of the statue was first mentioned in Nepali researcher Lain Sing Bangdel’s book Stolen Images of Nepal (1989).

US Ambassador Randy Berry takes part in the idol’s restoration ritual.

The idol restoration event was held in the presence of US Ambassador Randy Berry, US Embassy officials, culture experts, and noted personalities and witnessed by hundreds of locals.

The idol’s successful return was realized last April following the combined effort of the U.S. and Nepali governments, and the Dallas museum.

The idol being carried on a chariot to the Narayan temple for restoration.

Aside from bringing the idol back, we hope to inspire other countries and museums to look into the issues of stolen religious and cultural artifacts, and help reunite communities with their lost idols, the US Embassy said in its Facebook post, expressing happiness over the rightful restoration.