Mahakavi Devkota’s literary contribution highlighted


November 4, 2021


Mahakavi Devkota’s literary contribution highlighted

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KATHMANDU: The 113th birth anniversary of Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota has been commemorated today by organizing various programs including poetry symposiums and highlighting his contribution to the enriching of Nepali literature.

In this connection, the Literary Journalists Association and the Kamalpokhari Chhath Puja Society jointly organised a literary programme. On the occasion, senior travel writer Ghanashyam Rajkarnikar paid tribute to the Mahakavi and also spoke on development of the Kamalpokhari area.

Senior dramatist Ashesh Malla said Devkota’s contribution to the Nepali literarure is unforgettable and the Mahakavi is one among the icons Mt Everest and the Buddha by which Nepal can identify itself to the world.

Poet and literary critic Pramod Pradhan said the Mahakavi Devkota is probably the only literary figure in the Nepali literature on whom the highest number of Ph D dissertations have been done and the most number of books have been written.

Central vice-president of the International Nepali Literary Society, Baba Basnet shared that the Nepali litterateurs feel proud remembering the Mahakavi.

Various poets had recited their creations on the occasion. Association’s president Radheshyam Lekali said they will organize such programmes in the coming days as well.

Nepal Academy had also organized a special program at Kamaladi on Wednesday to commemorate the Mahakavi’s birth anniversary. The Kaushiki Literary Foundation also released a book coinciding the occasion.

Meanwhile, the Kapan Literary Society organized a special poetry symposium today to mark the 113th birth anniversary of Mahakavi Devkota. The speakers, including poets, writers and litterateurs expressed concern over the disintegration of family and the labour and brain drain the Nepali society is currently grappling with.

The speakers urged the poets and writers to contribute towards raising the consciousness of the ‘society in decadence’.

Litterateur Prof Dr Ram Prasad Gyawali recalled that the Mahakavi had expressed his views against the oppression on the Dalits, the indigenous nationalities and women. He urged the litterati to be serious towards the nation and humanity.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota was born on November 12, 1909 in Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu. He died on September 14, 1959. He was an accomplished poet, playwright, scholar, and novelist. He is given the title of Mahakavi in Nepali Literature, which means The Great Poet.

He is known as the poet with the golden heart. Some of his famous works are Muna Madan, Sulochana, Kunjini, and Sakuntala.