Chunwang’s garlic finds better market this time


July 4, 2021


Chunwang’s garlic finds better market this time

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RUKUM EAST: Garlic produced at Chunwang of Bhume Rural Municipality – 9 in Rukum East has found a better market this time. This year, a total of 453 quintals of garlic was produced in the village.

Alike past years, this time, the producers got the lucrative market. The initial production was sold at Rs 90 per kg, but now it is being supplied at Rs 115 per kg, said Ward Chair Prabesh Pun.

The produces are picked up by local small traders to export to Dang for wholesale suppliers.

However, the price of seeds had reached Rs 125 per kg.

The ward has planned to purchase 35 quintals of garlic seeds to provide it to farmers on grants this year.
This year, the village supplied garlic worth Rs 4 million.

Chunwang is considered as the pocket area of garlic production in the entire district and the product is supplied to different parts within the district, Rukum East and outside- Dang, Nepalgunj and Pokhara. Garlic production and goat keeping are the priorities of the local government.

As Ward Chair Pun said, they have proposed to implement the concept of pocket zones for turmeric and gingers in the areas where the garlic is less produced.

Similarly, goats of Boer species are also being distributed to the local farmers of Chunwang. At present, there are 19 Boer goats in Chunwang, including 13 distributed by the ward, two by the rural municipality, and four by the Integrated Agriculture and Livestock Development Office.

The local government expects to see a rise in the breeding of Boer goats in the coming year, it is said.