Hamro Patro all set to launch Radio Feature in HD Quality


July 4, 2021


Hamro Patro all set to launch Radio Feature in HD Quality

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s popular app Hamro Patro is all set to launch its radio feature in HD (High Definition) quality.

Presently the app’s most loved feature radio was available in 32 and 64 bits.

However, with the new update the app will now have HD quality radio streaming, according to a statement issued by Hamro Patro.

The company’s Managing Director Sudina Gautam says, “Earlier in 2013, when we launched our app, the general internet infrastructure in the country was not as advanced as it is now.”

“Due to this, features like radio were launched in a way that users with the most basic internet connection could use it with ease. However, now the internet infrastructure is much stronger and thus to enhance the user experience we have upgraded the feature to HD quality,” she said adding that they have upgraded 38 stations including Image FM, Ujjyalo Radio Network, Vijaya FM, Nepal Radio Network, BBC, Classic FM, etc. and are working towards upgrading as many as 100 FM channels in the near future.”

Now users can listen to the radio from Hamro Patro app in HD that is 128 kbps quality which will enhance the sound quality and clarity and the user experience gets better with this upgrade from Hamro Patro.

Currently users can listen to over 500 FM channels through Hamro Patro app and the radio feature is available to users from across the globe and is not limited to Nepal.

Hamro Patro has revolutionized the concept of Radio streaming by making it feasible to tune in from any part of the world.

Traditionally FM stations were limited to the area in which they operated and users could listen to FM only within the country.

Currently Hamro Patro has more than 4 lakhs users using the FM feature on a daily basis.

Today Hamro Patro boasts of 10 million downloads and is the most popular Nepali app.