Two years of glorious journalism


February 4, 2021


Two years of glorious journalism

Khabarhub’s last two years have been an intense journey. We kept the pledge, making it a powerful voice of hope and resistance with constitutional supremacy, good governance, transparency, democracy, freedom of speech and human rights as basic guidelines. Khabarhub will always adhere to these values.

Over the past two years, Khabarhub covered some very serious issues and trailblazing stories, exposing the bungling and misuse of political power, corruption at the highest political level, the plunder of the financial institutions, just to name a few.

To be precise, we ventured into burning issues, and raised voices against anything that is against democracy, human rights, rule of law, and good governance.

The last two years for Khabarhub had been full of excitement, challenges, and highs and lows since we took roads less frequented as well as those less traveled.

Despite all odds, Khabarhub stood tall when some elements tried to discredit our institution to demotivate our endeavor by spreading false reports on our efforts.

Khabarhub’s independent and outspoken policies became the writing on the wall because of its objectivity and impartiality. The contemptuous opinion and news stories did not spare those who were guilty of misusing public trust. As a result, this news portal earned the credibility of every visitor.

As a vibrant digital news media, we explicitly used materials and tools of fine tailoring to express whatever we could in a plain manner.

We also succeeded in reviving old, yet popular and investigative and research-based stories by exploring new challenges besides raising issues to create an extensive impact by positioning ourselves as Nepal’s one of the most popular digital news media in the Alexa rankings.

What has propelled Khabarhub to the forefront of Nepal’s English online portal is its comprehensive coverage of national, regional and international news and opinions, making it the preferred choice of expatriates, diplomats, businessmen, intellectuals and government officials who look forward to this news portal for a wide variety of news.

No wonder, Khabarhub has carved out its own space in terms of major stories, breaking news and scoops — from local to global.

We have also been at the forefront in reporting major developments since we reported extensively and uncovered illegal activities such as cyber-crimes in Nepal despite coming under repeated cyberattacks aimed at breaching our sites, destroying the data, system, and disrupting services to silent us.

As for the immediate future, Khabarhub will continue working to produce valuable news stories and articles that both incite discussion and make readers think.

For the last two years, it has been Khabarhub’s privilege to tell your stories. We express our commitment to practicing responsible and professional journalism without any bias and prejudice with the same spirit to prevent misinformation and promote media credibility.

There is a cliché that we learn from our mistakes. We agree that we are still in a learning phase. There are lessons to be learned. Therefore, we leave it to our esteemed readers and visitors to evaluate it. We welcome feedback from readers and will continue to refine our content as suggested.

As a piece of ear-soothing news, we take this opportunity to inform our dear readers that we are launching a radio in the near future, a television in the next one year, and business and entertainment portals. This means that we are moving ahead with the same spirit and enthusiasm by diversifying the media and the content.

On the occasion of Khabarhub’s second anniversary, we express our gratitude for the continued support — – an imperative factor to motivate us to move ahead undeterred — to all our readers, enlightened writers, advertisers and well-wishers.