Alternative to Mechi highway to be used in Ilam


October 3, 2021


Alternative to Mechi highway to be used in Ilam

Landslide have obstructed vehicular movement in Mechi Highway, Ilam. (File Photo for Representation)

ILAM: An alternative road will be used after the road on the Mechi Highway near Dhobidhara in Ilam Municipality was obstructed by landslides.

More than 85 percent of the road was blocked by landslides on Saturday morning.

As the highway cannot be repaired or improved immediately, the vehicles will be diverted towards the alternative road.

The Ilam Municipality has said that it has decided to request the Division Road Office Ilam to speed up the maintenance work of the damaged road.

Light vehicles coming from Bhanupath to Chowk Bazaar will be diverted to the highway through one-way traffic.

Similarly, light vehicles coming to Ilam Bazaar from Dhobidhara will be diverted to Tundikhel from Nepal Bank via the Forest Office, said Ram Kumar Shah, Administrative Officer of Ilam Municipality.

As the culvert near Narayansthan is in dilapidated condition and could collapse at any time, heavy vehicles including good carrier trucks will be stopped from operating on the road until the Mechi Highway is operational.

It has been decided to request the District Traffic Police Office to inform the transport entrepreneurs accordingly and manage traffic on the alternative route.