People hold rally in support of abortion rights across US


October 3, 2021


People hold rally in support of abortion rights across US

People holding rallies in support of abortion rights in Washington DC. (Photo: Reuters)

WASHINGTON: Tens of thousands of people have held rallies across all 50 US states in support of abortion rights.

They galvanized in opposition to a new Texas law that limits access to abortions in the state, BBC reported.

Pro-choice supporters across the country feared that constitutional rights may be rolled back, it said.

In the coming months, the Supreme Court is set to hear a case that could overturn Roe v Wade – the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide, according to the BBC report.

In Washington DC, demonstrators marched to the Supreme Court building, holding signs such as “Make abortion legal”.

The start of the rally was disrupted by some two dozen counter-demonstrators.

“The blood of innocent babies is on your hands!” shouted one man, but he was drowned out by the singing and clapping of the crowd, according to the Washington Post newspaper.

One woman who attended a march said she was there to support a woman’s right to choose.

(With inputs from BBC)