NEPSE up by 29.55 points, reaches an all-time high


June 3, 2021


NEPSE up by 29.55 points, reaches an all-time high

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has increased by 29.55 points on Thursday, the last trading day of the week.

With today’s increment, the index has reached an all-time high of  2856.67 points.

Similarly, the Sensitive Index has also increased by 7.96 points and reached 513.11 points. A total of 34.69 million of 218 companies have been traded 155,655 times resulting in a turnover of Rs 16.90 billion.

The banking group has increased by 50 points. Similarly, hotels and tourism increased by 117 points, development banks by 146 points, finance by 62 points, manufacturing by 71 points, microfinance by 40 points, and life insurance group by 5 points.

Similarly, trade has increased by 9 points, hydropower by 60 points, non-life insurance by 113 points, and other groups by 15 points.

The value of Manjushree Finance and Mahila microfinance institutions has increased by 10 percent. After the increase, the price of the Mahila microfinance has reached Rs 4,752 per share and that of Manjushri Rs 825 per share.

Similarly, the prices of Gorkha Finance and Green Development have gone up by more than 9.5 percent. The price of Panchkanya Mai Hydro has gone down by 5.9 percent and that of Radhi Vidyut by 5 percent.

On the basis of turnover, Nepal Reinsurance company has topped the list in terms of turnover.  The company’s value has declined by 1 percent with a turnover of Rs 1.2 billion.

Chimeki Microfinance, Lumbini Development Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, and NIFRA also topped the list in terms of turnover.